The Darknet series

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To Catch a RAT (Darknet #1)

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She said she was being spied on. No one believed her. Now, she’s dead.

Emma’s best friend Joss had a wild story to tell. She’d been hacked. She was being watched. She was in danger. No one believed her. Not even Emma.

Now she’s dead. The police write it off as accidental death, but Emma’s not so sure.

The more she learns, the deeper she’s drawn into a web of deceit and dark motives. Turns out Joss’s brother developed a revolutionary dark web application, one that people will kill to get their hands on. He’s now in jail on a dodgy manslaughter charge. And then there’s Emma’s boyfriend, who she discovers is lying about his identity.

Now Emma’s the one in danger, and she’s not sure who will believe her or who she can trust. Joss’s murder was only the start.


What are readers saying?

“What a twisty plot! I could not put this book down and finished it in a day.” ~Goodreads

“I was drawn into the story from the first page. The characters are interesting and the narrative compelling.” ~Goodreads

“The story was full of twists and turns and it had me on edge constantly guessing what comes next.” ~Goodreads


Shadow Web (Darknet #2)

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Caleb Rush already served three years in jail for a crime he didn’t commit. Now someone wants to frame him for murder.

He’s trying to rebuild his life, one painful step at a time, and his new IT security business might be the key to it. He doesn’t expect a blackmail accusation from one of his clients, or a new team member, Andi, with her own private agenda.

Andi knows there’s a multi-million-dollar business in the modern-day slave trade, with people being enticed to New Zealand and then kept against their will. She also knows the people behind this will go to any lengths to keep their organisation intact—and there are links to the highest levels of government.

When a young female slave escapes, Andi will do everything in her power to help her, but she can’t do it alone. Can she trust Caleb? Or have her lies already put him in enough danger?


What are readers saying?

“Loving this series with it’s many twist and turns.” ~Goodreads

“An excellent second book in the series. Once again I just couldn’t put it down. The plot has further twists and interconnections, and really builds the suspense alongside the action.” ~Goodreads


Exit Node (Darknet #3)

DN3 cover Nov 2021 - 200x300

Spies are everywhere—can anybody be trusted?

IG-6 secret agent Mark Penney has died in a car crash, while on a routine trip to the UK. Only, the story doesn’t add up.
Cyber-security expert and genius hacker Caleb Rush and his friends—including Mark’s fiancée, Emma—don’t believe it. Is it a mistake? Or is it part of a conspiracy to protect a dangerous Russian spy embedded in the agency—a sleeper agent that Mark was close to identifying.

One thing is clear. IG-6 don’t give up their secrets easily.

The clock is ticking on how long Caleb’s group can stay hidden from the unknown agents hunting them. Even if Mark is still alive, bringing him home may be impossible.

RELEASE DATE 22 January 2022

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