The wait is over… Darknet #3 is available for pre-order

I’m fascinated by the secret places that hide in plain sight. The disused London Underground stations. The MI5 HQ, Thames House, in London. The abandoned Cold War tunnels that lurk underneath city streets.

If you read Shadow Web (Darknet #2) – previously called #RedTeam Attack – you’ll remember when Caleb and his friends ventured into such tunnels underneath the streets of Wellington. What happened there was enough to keep him above ground for the rest of his life, but things rarely go to plan.

In Darknet #3, Exit Node, the action moves to the UK, and Caleb is in the thick of it again. if you want to find out what happens next in this adventure, the wait is over. Exit Node is now available for pre-order.

Thank you for your patience. 

Read on…

Exit Node (Darknet 3)

Spies are everywhere—can anybody be trusted?

IG-6 secret agent Mark Penney has died in a car crash, while on a routine trip to the UK. Only, the story doesn’t add up.

Cyber-security expert and genius hacker Caleb Rush and his friends—including Mark’s fiancée, Emma—don’t believe it. Is it a mistake? Or is it part of a conspiracy to protect a dangerous Russian spy embedded in the agency—a sleeper agent that Mark was close to identifying.
One thing is clear. IG-6 don’t give up their secrets easily.

The clock is ticking on how long Caleb’s group can stay hidden from the unknown agents hunting them. Even if Mark is still alive, bringing him home may be impossible.

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